Sunday, January 31, 2010

LinkedIn Search Talk - SDForum

The past Wednesday I had the pleasure of giving a technical talk at SDForum on LinkedIn Search.

This talk came about a month after the 100% rollout of LinkedIn Faceted People Search. See blog by Esteban Kozak.

In this talk, I talked about the LinkedIn search infrastructure that hosts various LinkedIn search properties, e.g. people search, news search, job search etc.

The main features we built are:
  • realtime indexing/search
  • streaming/live update
  • faceted navigation
  • section search
  • distributed index partitioning
The slides provide a glance through how we built these technologies through the following open source projects we built/working on:
  • Zoie - realtime indexing update system
  • Bobo - faceted search engine based on Lucene.
  • Sensei - distributed realtime faceted search system.
Some of the notable attendees are:
along with representations from companies such as Google, Apple and VMWare etc.

I am glad to have learned different uses for search technology and hope the technologies we have built to be helpful in different areas.

For learn about our team at LinkedIn and see other open source projects we are working on, visit